Music Video – “We Not Done Yet” Lanice London ft Playboii Pain

This is the second music video I’ve shot for Lanice London.  The first, “Chuck Taylor”, was filmed last fall and was much more basic.  For “We Not Done Yet” Samuel Hall and I pulled out all the stops.

Making the Music Video

When Lanice London first came to me with the idea for the music video, I knew it was going to offer some unique challenges.  We wanted to create an underground party scene in an abandoned warehouse.  The aftermath of the party forms the central point of the music video: Lanice goes missing and her friends have to find her before the cops do.

The entire music video was shot in and around Philly, including Love Park.  The warehouse was an actual warehouse, which posed some of its own obstacles during filming.


Filming took place over two days.  The first day found us in a dark warehouse in Fishtown.  Dust and metal shavings covered the floor (and later our bags, jackets and clothing).  This was the essence of “underground party”.

The entire scene, plus several passes of the song, were captured in a matter of 5 hours. Our cast and crew deserves a tremendous “thank you” for being on top of their game and totally committed to the process.  If it wasn’t for their professionalism, the scenes would have never happened in such a short amount of time.

The second day was more of a walk around day, capturing footage as we moved from Love Park up north Broad Street.

music video

Technical Details

The entire music video was shot on Canon 5D Mark III’s, using a huge variety of lenses (Sam brought twelve himself).

The underground party, which forms the backdrop of the music video, was lit using a Lowel light kit and a set of DJ bar lights, the latter of which was primarily a set piece.  We used lots of side lighting to create the flares and signature anamorphic streaks.  Exterior scenes were captured using available lighting exclusively.

The video was cut in Adobe Premiere and colored in After Effects, which should come as no surprise to regular readers.  The most obvious digital effects shot (superimposing party footage on Pain’s phone at the beginning of the video) was also created exclusively in AE.

music video phone

We Not Done Yet

In addition to the usual gang, I need to thank Beth, who provided many helps and moral support along the way.  She was an incredible producer, which doesn’t even do her justice.

For more info on Lanice, head over to her website or reverbnation page.  Same deal with Playboii Pain.

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