Look Out


“You have to risk everything from time to time.  The death of creativity is getting stuck in your ways” – Hans Zimmer

artist look out

I’ve been thinking a lot about perspective and perception.  Particularly the way we view ourselves and the effect it has on our lives.  The way we view ourselves not only changes the way we deal with other people; it has the power to totally reshape our lives and alter our paths.


As artists, we have an awesome power to out – think ourselves.  It’s remarkable easy for us to do.  In fact, I don’t think I know a single successful artist who doesn’t second – guess their work and their worth on an almost weekly basis.

artist chair

I used to think it was luck that separated a successful artist from an unsuccessful one.  Right place, right time and all that.  But the truth is, as Harvey Dent so gracefully put it, “We make our own luck”.  The difference is that a successful artist knows when to listen to that nagging self doubt, and when to tell it to shut up.


It’s not an easy thing.  It takes practice.  And that secret, cynical voice will never really go away, just recede and get smaller and less powerful.  But that’s good enough.

artist flood

I don’t believe that you can really start creating and growing as an artist until you have confidence in your work.  Until you can let it stand on its own, and speak and breathe.  That’s when you start to push boundaries and change worlds.  But it all starts by saying, “My work is pretty awesome and people want to see it”.  Because it’s probably true.


So try it.  That side project you’re working on, that script you’ve been revising for the past two years, that painting you’ve been touching up all month – show them off.  You might be amazed at the reaction.


I have a habit of processing photos and walking away for a few days, only to return and push the images further.  This set really benefitted from it.  They have a creepy, horrific look that came very organically.  I like to believe that’s the location’s essence coming through.  That it followed me home like a rogue spirit and possessed the images, making them reflect it’s own inner demons.

Shot on 7D and Canon 28mm f/1.8.  Processed in Lightroom.


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