chuck taylor music video

Music Video – Chuck Taylor by Lanice London

I was asked to produce a music video for Lanice London for her new track Chuck Taylor.  We decided on an urban walkaround/day in the life style video.

Because the song is about how she wears her Chucks for everything, I decided to use slider shots of her shoes to tie the chorus together.  I recently acquired a slider and was eager to test it out.

Shooting the Music Video

The first day of shooting took place at Milk Boy Studios and was the perfect way to get started.  We hung in the background, capturing Lanice and Rich Quick working on Lanice’s new album, Murphy’s Law.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in a recording studio, and it was great to dive into the environment again.  We really fed off the creative energy that night and had a wonderful time.

The next day was our “story day”, when we filmed the plotted scenes for the music video.  We shot the opening of the video and the barber shop scenes in North Philadelphia.  Once again we kept to the background, our intention was just to capture the moments, rather than create a false environment.  We wanted the reality.

Later that day we travelled to the Delaware riverfront and filmed several passes of the song, along with some slow motion B – roll.  The Ben Franklin Bridge in the background is an awesome landmark; it’s iconically Philadelphia and forms a spectacular backdrop to the epic waterfront shots.

Day three started on the roof of a parking garage just north of City Hall.  From there we travelled around the area, shooting full and half passes of the song.  Lanice was very enthusiastic and seemed to feed off the energy of the people around her.  More than once, we were stopped by pedestrians interested in who we were, what we were doing and when they could see the finished product.

chuck taylor music video

We finished in underground near the Walnut/Locust stop for the Broad Street line.  It’s become one of my favorite places; wide open with pillars and beautiful texture.  Neil Burger probably agrees.

Just outside, we shot a quick interview for the “making of the music video” doc, and wrapped production.

Post Production

Everything was edited in Premiere and graded in After Effects.  Because we used natural light for most of the video, I found myself shooting at high ISO’s, especially the first day in the studio.  Magic Bullet Denoiser helps, as does a small amount of digital film grain added in After Effects.

I tended toward a cooler look for this video, with crunchy contrast.  I found cautiously applying large radius unsharp masks helped to make the urban landscape pop.

Behind the Scenes

Samuel Hall was on set, providing B Camera shots and capturing the action for this exclusive, behind – the – scenes documentary.

Additionally, Elizabeth was capturing stills of the shoot.

For more information about Lanice, head over to and follow her on twitter: @lanicelondon.


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