belize boat

Belize Part One

Reefs, Kayaks and the Best Beer in Belize

belize boat

Last spring, I had the opportunity to travel to Belize on a holiday, with a National Geographic Adventures tour.

The ten day trip was divided into two parts: exploring Belize’s islands and navigating the rainforest.  This video is Part One, our time among the cayes and islands.  Part Two will be forthcoming, and will focus on the trek through Belize’s rainforest and our personal guided investigation of some of the most spectacular ruins in the world.

While on the islands, we had a chance to sit down and talk to the locals, the Garifuna.  They offer a fascinating perspective on the world.  Our chef, Rachade, describes it by simply saying “On the island, you can be who you are.”

I brought two cameras to Belize: my 7D and a brand new GoPro Hero2.  There are some stumbling blocks with the GoPro; poor underwater focusing and oversharpening degrade the images – but not to an unusable degree.  This was long before the Protune firmware that elevated it to a true B camera, but the GoPro still holds its own.  Sometimes we get so caught up in tech specs, we forget that the subject makes the shot.

belize belikin gopro

I thought it would be a welcome change from the cold, windy weather we’ve been having.  So put on your Tilley, grab a Belikin and take a moment away from the dead of winter.

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