November 2013


Jake Miller – Live at the TLA

“Jake Miller – Sold Out” declares the marquee of the TLA.  I’m back inside, wading through a sea of bodies.  Air Dubai has just stepped on stage, and the crowd is wrapped up in them.  They don’t notice as DJ Beatstreet and I are lead through the bar, behind a curtain and backstage.  As I set up, the crowd begins to chant “We Want Jake Miller” over and over.

I love shooting live performances.  It’s something that I don’t get the chance to do often enough, so I’m always full of nervous energy.  This is no different; it’s a combination of the energy of the crowd, the performer and myself feeding off each other.  It’s exciting, to say the least.

I spent probably three minutes deciding which lens to take with me into the pit (that’s a long time for me).  My final pick was the newest addition to the lineup…a Pentax 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar from 1964.  Aperture advantage aside, it creates some of the most incredible flares I’ve seen.  And I’m kind of obsessed with flares.  The 50mm’s flares have this elliptical cross shape that you just don’t see anymore.

jake miller live

Watch the full video below.  There’s an interview coming too, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Jake Miller – Hollywood Live


Sebastian Mikael “Last Night” Acoustic

Recently, DJ Beatstreet and I had the opportunity to catch up with Slip-N-Slide’s Sebastian Mikael for an interview at the Ill Vibe Collective’s studio in Philly.  Sebastian brought his guitar along to the interview and, at Beatstreet’s suggestion, gave us an impromptu acoustic rendition of his hit single Last Night.

Sebastian was a super chill guy, who’s hand singed poster now adorns the wall of my office.

sebastian mikael

You’ll be able to watch the whole interview in a couple days, but here’s an exclusive look at the acoustic session.

Sebastian Mikael “Last Night” Acoustic

Keep your eyes open for the full length interview, plus live music and more!  We are closing the year strong here at MRP.

gilbere forte

Gilbere Forte Interview with DJ Beatstreet

Recently, DJ Beatstreet and I had a chance to sit down and chat with Epic Records artist Gilbere Forte.

gilbere forte

Gilbere Forte Interview

In the honor of #TBT (Throwback Thursday) if you aren’t in the loop I am reposting my lost interview with Philadelphia area rapper Gilbere Forte. Gilbere is a good friend of mine and his content and concepts from everything to his songs and mixtape concepts have always been a head of his time. Here we talk about his previous record deal, new record deal, his song “Pray” and what we can expect from Gilbere and his camp before his major label album release comes out.

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