December 2012

christmas tree

Christmas Timelapse

Merry Christmas, guys!  Have a great holiday and I’ll talk to you soon!

Christmas Timelapse from Magic Rabbit Productions on Vimeo.



Holiday Gifts for Filmmakers

Silly Little Holiday Gifts that Every Filmmaker will Love

The holiday gift giving season is upon us!  Do you have any filmmakers on your shopping list this year?  Why not surprise them with one (or all) of the cute, funny and awesome holiday gifts from our list!

Holiday Gift #1: Lens Pens

holiday gifts

Not just a holiday gift, Lens Pens are one of those things that every filmmaker and photographer needs in abundance.  I have one in every bag I carry and I still lose them all the time.  Buy a bunch and wrap them individually for multiple stocking stuffers…this actually happened to me last year and I loved it!

Holiday Gift #2: Lens Mug

holiday gifts

Let’s face it: filmmakers love coffee.  These lens mugs have become a hot commodity in the filmmaking community in the last few years.  Available in a variety of lens types and manufacturers, they elicit some of the most amusing reactions when given as holiday gifts.  It starts with “What is this?” and shifts to “You shouldn’t have” and ends with “This is so freaking cool!”

Holiday Gift #3: Spotlight Floor Lamp

holiday gifts

One of these spotlight floor lamps sits proudly in the corner of my office.  Based on a standard HMI light design but powered by conventional lamps, this makes a great holiday gift for the filmmaker with dark corners in his house.  I’ve even used mine to light a scene, so it’s already proved itself as more than a fashionable piece of furniture.

And speaking of furniture…

Holiday Gift # 4+: Film Reel Furniture

holiday gifts

It’s true that celluloid film has become something of a legacy item.  Digital filmmaking is faster, easier and often cheaper these days and has mostly replaced it’s older brother.  But fear not; film and film reels can now find new work: accent furniture.  Old film reels are repurposed as end tables or clocks and add a touch of old cinema class to a production office or screening room.

holiday gifts

Holiday Gift #5: Camera USB Flash Drives

holiday gifts

Every filmmaker worth his baseball cap is obsessed with storage.  We secretly hoard hard drives and flash drives, and keep everything backed up everywhere.  I probably have more flash drives than friends at this point.  And I could definitely use more, especially if they’re camera shaped.  The perfect way to carry around your reel or your photo portfolio, these cut little peripherals give a whole new meaning to “camera flash”.

Got any filmmaker – specific requests on your holiday gift list?  Drop a comment and let us know what you want to find under the tree this year!